Topher Delaney

A long time ago… precisely 48 years ago… with a degree in philosophy / art history from Barnard and landscape architecture from U.C. Berkeley, Topher Delaney, dug in + dug up + dug around… creating + constructing site specific installations commonly referred to as gardens of three dimensional fine art / horticulture and literature.

In scope and scale, their broad range of installations serve as dynamic physical evidence of a visual + spiritual + cultural literacy integrating wonderful exemplars of horticulture and transformative cyclic aspects of nature with distinctive specific cultural linguistic narratives. The text of the terrain is realized in the structure of these narratives, crafted by technical skill and quality materials to create a sanctuary grounded in space and time.

The privilege of success afforded by supportive communities sponsoring both private and public commissions has allowed Topher Delaney with her able business partner Calvin Chin to establish the Virgie Giles Foundation, a 501(c)3 for benefit of service.

Virgie Giles Foundation focuses on developing tangible policies of benefit in three specific areas of service.

Program A4AAA: Advocacy for Artists and Artisans focuses on supporting professional fabricators and designers who seek to transition their skill sets to unique expressions of art.

Program Dahlia focuses on creating public gardens which serve as sanctuaries.

We have faith in a future… and so we plant for others to prosper.