“Face It” by Andrea Ponsi




Andrea Ponsi: ‘I draw, therefore I am’


Andrea Ponsi (b1949 in Viareggio) is an architect, designer, writer and painter, who lives and works in Florence. He studied architecture in Florence, London and Pennsylvania. His architecture is committed to sustainable forms of building and design and with establishing a harmonious relationship with the landscape. He designs products and furniture, and has authored books on theory and on drawing directed to designers and architects. In his books on Florence and San Francisco, he uses perceptual sketches to capture the character of each city. He describes Florence in an original and intriguing manner that comes from his inveterate need to explore, and to express ideas in words, drawn images, design forms or as architectural schemes. An English translation of his major work, Analogy and Design, was recently published by the University of Virginia Press. In it, Ponsi considers the history of architecture through a series of examples that demonstrate the value of analogy as both creative technique and didactic tool. I visited him in his studio on Via della Fonderia by the Arno river in Florence.

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