VGF has one common purpose of service which is accomplished through:

1. Tangible Structural Policies
Virgie Giles Foundation identifies specific tangible needs of vulnerable communities which can be remedied through the development of structural policies in concert with modest funding.  Once the policies are in place and the need has been addressed, Virgie Giles Foundation identifies and aligns with benefactors who are appropriate ongoing partners.  

2. e-Commerce With A Purpose To Serve
The Virgie Giles Foundation POP UP has migrated to an online presence due to unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19.  We now offer treasures through our website to support all projects related to Program Fabaceae and all environmental education and justice projects of Program Dahlia.  

For those who have trouble pronouncing Program Fabaceae, you can call it Program Fab

Who is Virgie Giles?

An empathetic and disciplined woman who tended, encouraged, and set boundaries for a young curious and imaginative child. Mrs. Giles created a structure of values for a successful life. As Mrs. Giles appeared so Mrs. Giles disappeared, address unknown. As they say gone, but not forgotten.

In deepest gratitude, we name our mission of tending to the vulnerable through programs of enhancement…VIRGIE GILES FOUNDATION…