Here @ Virgie Giles Foundation, we are dedicated to identifying, creating and articulating specific programs to serve as blueprints for the development of both conceptual structural guiding policies in concert with literal structures and products to benefit the health and well being of vulnerable communities.

  1. Program Dandelion / Current Project: UCSF Hepatic clinic parking validation for patients.  
  2. Program Dahlia/ Current Projects: UCSF + ZSFGH gardens and graphic brochures describing the gardens of ZSFGH for all patients and their caretakers.  
  3. Program Dusk Til Dawn / We develop innovative educational strategies for financial literacy.  These classes serve economically vulnerable communities by establishing the groundwork for positive transformation and empowerment.  

Who is Virgie Giles?

An empathetic and disciplined woman who tended, encouraged, and set boundaries for a young curious and imaginative child. Mrs. Giles created a structure of values for a successful life. As Mrs. Giles appeared so Mrs. Giles disappeared, address unknown. As they say gone, but not forgotten.

In deepest gratitude, we name our mission of tending to the vulnerable through programs of enhancement…VIRGIE GILES FOUNDATION…