We Grow to Give + Give to Grow   

Imagine + come with us to SUPPORT Virgie Giles Victory Vallejo Garden, an organic urban farm PLANTING/ GROWING/ HARVESTING glorious flowers, herbs MINT + SACRED SAGE + MUGWORT,  CITRUS + YACON + CARDOON + GUAVAS + THORNLESS BLACKBERRIES 

   Programs Virgie’s Garden Supports:

YES we sell on MARIN STREET @ ALIBI BOOKSTORE Vallejo from March – September to directly support the following organizations. 

     All proceeds go directly to these organizations…

  1. The Vallejo Garden Club

  2. The Girl Scouts

  3. The Japanese Friendship Garden donated by the sister city, Akashi, Japan

  4. The Children’s Literary Festival

  5. Capital Street Steps Landscape Improvement, Vallejo, Ca.

  6. 16 Bouquets donated weekly to the city staff of Vallejo, April – November

  7. 5 Bouquets donated weekly to Planned Parenthood, April – November

  8. 20 Bouquets donated bi-monthly toour Local Neighborhood in Dogpatch  


JORGE COPPIA, the boots on the ground + hands in the earth Gardener who devotes his energy to caring for Virgie’s Garden

If you wish to donate by check,

   RECIPIENT is Virgie Giles Foundation, a PUBLIC 501(c)3 Registered in California


   ADDRESSVirgie Giles Foundation                     
                      PO Box 4189, Vallejo, CA 94590