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Flowrs arrangements and watercolors_

Topher Delaney, an artist drawing upon the nature of horticulture, will assist YOU in the following two-hour workshop.

First Hour: Learn about floral design compositions, mindful of textures, colors, and proportions through insightful demonstrations and hands-on learning. Each participant will be able to compose their unique assemblage of both foraged plant material, market floral buds, flowers, and branches. All materials, including vases, are provided. You are most welcome to bring your own floral resources.

Second Hour: Now that YOUR flower assemblages are designed, memorialize the beauty you have created by painting with watercolor! There will be a broad assortment of watercolors, brushes, and sheets of watercolor paper to select from. With no worries and a brush in hand, you will have wonderful images to share.

~Onward + Upward


Please support Project Echinacea below by funding two days of parking for low income and Medi-Cal Patients at UCSF’s Lung Transplant Clinic.

FUND TWO DAYS OF PARKING – Project Echinacea

Your generous donation of $64 will fund 2 days of parking for a low income or Medi-Cal patient at UCSF’s Lung Transplant Clinic.