Harvey Castro

Harvey Castro (he/him) is a photographer and visual artist working on social justice projects related to immigration, inequality, diversity, and climate. He has been documenting social movements within BIPOC communities that narrate resistance and resilience.

As a photographer, immigrant, and person of color, Castro draws inspiration from his lived experience to engage with the people he photographs. This genuine engagement leads him to build relationships resulting in candid portraits and intimate scenarios taken in public and private spaces.

His images often show the inadvertent dramas of everyday life. You see those moments that signify a feeling, thought, or emotion that reflects their condition, the distaste, or joy in their life. The bonds of support and camaraderie within each specific community are reflected, bonds that make resistance possible against adversity and exclusion.

Originally from Nicaragua, Castro lives and works in Oakland, California. Recent exhibitions, Los Olvidados, Harvey Milk Photo Center, May 2021, Exploring Humanity, The Los Angeles Center of Photography, Nov 2020; Representation Rising, East Bay Photo Collective, Nov 2020; Say Their Names, West Valley College, September 2020; and  Los Olvidados, Project 2020, Los Angeles Center of Photography, March 2020.

Email: harvey@studio369.com 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/harveycastro.co

Web: https://harveycastro.co