Advocacy for Artisans and Artists (A4AAA)

Virgie Giles Foundation provides “back of house” assistance for artisans and artists as social entrepreneurs. What does this mean? Artisans and artists generally have an excellent front of the house. How do we know this? We are artisans and artists; reference Delaney + Chin ( The weak link for many small studios is the structure of their financial back of the house, such as business plans, taxes, and equipment purchase expansion. This is where we serve. We strengthen the links between the front of the house and the back of the house, enabling artisans and artists to be effective in their businesses. 
  1. We provide microgrants and consultation for immigrants who require assistance in navigating the rules and regulations of the United States. 
  2. We provide microgrants to purchase equipment for artisans to expand their capabilities to create. 
  3. We provide microgrants for artists and artisans to attend educational and professional development programs.
  4. We joint venture with financial professionals to assist artisans and artists with their financial records and responsibilities. 
  5. We provide mentorship to artisans and artists to develop their professional and administrative skillsets. 
  6. We assist artisans and artists in navigating grant and loan opportunities from local and federal agencies. 
  7. We provide technical and organizational assistance to local community events, for example, the schematic drawings for The Mad Hatter Parade.

Meet our Artist and Artisans

Yajaira Rubio Machado

Ballet Folklorico Moon Azteca

Elliot Pappas

Champion Powder Coating

Cecilia Ibarra

Cecy's Hair Salon

Anchor Pantry

Vallejo, California

Harvey Castro


Alibi Bookshop

Vallejo, California

Theodora Varnay Jones


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